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The Arkhamist [Dec. 7th, 2007|01:09 pm]
Miskatonic University Alumni
Saw this posted on Technorati - some guy is moving to Arkham and keeping a blog of his life. Seems interesting...


LJ feed: http://www.livejournal.com/users/arkhamist
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for enlightened faculty & alumni [Jul. 28th, 2006|03:35 pm]
Miskatonic University Alumni

IÄ! IÄ! Azathoth is real!
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The Library.. [Jul. 18th, 2006|01:45 pm]
Miskatonic University Alumni

Hi guys, new to the community, just started Miskatonic last semester..

I'm going to be majoring in Physics, which isn't anything special or unique I guess, but I have to ask this question: have any of you felt a strange feeling while in the library? Not a specific part of the library mind you, but the library as a.. as a whole.

Alright, now I feel a little weird telling you this because even I am thinking to myself, "Wow this guy is weird." But please hear me out.

I walked in to the library the other day to pick up a few books, specifically Geographical books about the town of Innsmouth, a small town near the coast. I've heard tales of the city and became interested, and seeing as how this is summer and I have nothing to do, I wanted to read up on it.

Well as soon as I walked in to the place I had the immediate urge to turn around and walk back out. I've never had this kind of feeling before, and to say that it was strange would be to say that Rode Island is small. So I fought the urge and headed towards the back of the library, which lead me to Biographies and the like.

A book caught my eye. A name, actually. William Taber. It was an old book. Not much on the cover except for that name, and other than that there was no description of what the book was actually about.

Now here's my question to you: Have any of you ever heard of a William Taber? I've done a search (google) for the name and I've only found a few references to bees, but nothing more. The book itself has a strange fascination with bees, and having only read the first chapter I'm beginning to wonder if this man was a bee keeper or just loved bees.

One thing he made mention of in the first chapter was something he heard that he labeled 'From the Sea' but never mentioned what it was or where it came from. I'm assuming.. um.. from the sea.

Anyways, I'll finish up this book and let you know what it is exactly.. and hopefully I won't have to go back to that library. It was as if it was leading me to this book.

- Chris
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Introduction [Dec. 3rd, 2005|11:17 am]
Miskatonic University Alumni

I attended Misk U from 1995 to 2000. I never lived in campus housing -- I managed to find a fourth-floor attic apartment upon my first visit. The apartment was a drafty old attic efficiency; the only concessions to privacy were a ragged curtain hanging in front of the moldy shower closet and a dusty partition between the cracked toilet and the rest of the room.

It was more than sufficient for my needs, however. I found a small but serviceable desk at a yard sale and dragged it up all four flights of stairs. It was there that I set up my ancient Mac Classic and finagled a connection to the university's burgeoning intranet (and, later, the full Internet itself) via dialup.

Although my studies were stimulating I preferred to spend my time in my apartment using my little Mac to persue, download, catalog and analyze the various archives that were being scanned into Misk U's servers at the time. I had developed a modest but efficient HyperCard program that enabled instant (well, virtually instant, anyway) access to any document that I had archived on my machine. It made for many hours of wide-eyed study, and I do not hesitate to say that some of my late-night shivering came not from the cold, but rather from the studies pursued privately in that chilly fourth-floor apartment.

Needless to say, once my downloads were discovered by Misk U's fledgling IT team, I was expelled and evicted. One of the surly rent-a-cops who "helped" me carry my meager belongings down those four flights of stairs managed to "accidentally" drop my Mac Classic on the top flight. I could only look on in shock as the little beige box bounced down all four flights, arriving at the bottom in several misshapen pieces.

Since then I have attempted to continue my explorations on my own, but as you all know there is no university library that can approach in scope the thorough archives of Miskatonic University. All I really have left of my studies are some line-feed printouts, a stack of binders filled with notes and sketches, and my dreams ...
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Welcome and Introductions [Sep. 23rd, 2005|01:25 am]
Miskatonic University Alumni

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Welcome, Alumni of one of the most revered universities in America, Miskatonic University! I created this community, inspired by LiveJournal's new school directory, which of course has an entry for our hallowed halls. I wanted to create a place for former and current students to discuss our favorite memories and current events at the university. Please join us, add yourself to the school directory, and post an introduction telling us a bit about yourself.

I attended Miskatonic University from 1996 through 2000, graduating summa cum laude. I majored in Occult Studies with a minor in Lesser Summonings and I was the president of the Cephalopodia Appreciation Society from 1997 through 1999. I fondly remember those days drinking with my classmates down at Morrie's Bar, trying to avoid our latest assignment in occult mathematics from crabby old Professor Ward, or the hijinx when the freshmen would have their first laboratory in Summoning, Binding, and Warding 101.

What are your favorite memories of those great old college days?
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